The Tale of Snow White

The Tale of Snow White Theatre Camp
August 10-15
Orpheum Theater – Downtown Sioux Falls
Cost: $255 ($100 off each additional child)
8:30 AM – 5:00 PM
Ages: 7 – 13
Final Performances: Video Link (No live performances will be held.)

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The Tale of Snow White” is a fresh and funny adaptation that expands the Brothers Grimm tale with new characters who have always lived between the lines of the classic fairy tale.  This version, using a fun frame story of a contemporary mom reading to her bickering children, is loaded with bright new faces and comedic twists.  We meet a gaggle of forest animals, friendly Dwarf Villagers, a troupe of ladies-in-waiting with a penchant for limericks, the Huntsman’s squabbling conscience and even a nerdy governmental representative from the Department of Natural Resources trying to keep the forest dwellers from ruining the environment.

Produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service Inc., Englewood, Colorado.