Official Patron Survey

With Shakespeare!

"What light through yonder window breaks...greetings fellow patrons of the arts and supporter of the Sioux Empire Community Theatre (SECT). My name is Shakespeare. I'm the new digital assistant for SECT. I'm reaching out to encourage you to participate in our brief 7-question survey. It will only take a few minutes and I would really appreciate your input. You can take my survey via Facebook Messenger (prefered) or SMS (text). The COVID-19 pandemic has challenged us all and is requiring that we explore creative ways to accomplish our stated community theatre mission of bringing quality and affordable theatre to the Sioux Empire region. We will use the feedback we get to determine the next steps for our organization. Thanking you in advance for your participation." Sincerely, Shakespeare SECT Digital Assistant

Take the Official Patron Survey via Facebook Messenger!

There are two primary ways to take our survey. You can (1) take it via the Facebook Messenger app (preferred) by clicking the "Take Survey Messenger" button below (pro tip: if it does no initiate the survey the first time try it again.) You can also (2) take the survey via SMS (text message) by following the instructions below.

Take the survey via SMS (Text) Message!

Not everyone likes using Facebook Messenger. Which is why Shakespeare can converse with you via text message as well. Just click the "Take Survey SMS (Text)" button below to take or survey via SMS. You can also text "Health" to (205) 557-4590  and Shakespeare with initiate the survey from there.

Still having trouble? Move your phone over the QR code using Photos, Google, or any image scanner and press send.

This is Shakespeare

Shakespeare (named after the famous British Playwright, William Shakespeare) is a member of the Sioux Empire Community Theater team. Just like his human colleagues, Shakespeare is dedicated to providing quality, affordable community theatre accessible to all residents of the Sioux Empire. You can meet Shakespeare, Facebook Messenger, Google Assistant, and text messaging. He can put you in touch with our staff, update you on important events, purchase tickets, and more.