Mamma Mia Cast Announced!

The cast is set for Mamma Mia opening Sept. 26th at the Orpheum Theater! Check it out!


Sophie Sheridan – Kieren Humke

Donna Sheridan – Kjersten Smith

Sky – Reid Determan

Tanya – Sue Martens

Rosie – Kerri Smith

Sam Carmichael – Paul Ridgway

Bill Austin – Rick Huffman

Harry Bright – Kevin Humke

Lisa – Alex Newcomb Weiland

Ali – Madison Rimmer

Pepper – Marvin Moser

Eddie – Josiah Southall

Father Alexandrios – Barry Longden

Sophie’s Chorus

Alex Van Voorhis, Makenna Portinga

Lauren Shaver, Jaya Wilson

Stacie Soderstrom, Hannah Wollenzien

Liz Aragon, Emily Hill

Marisa Moser, Bekki Kniep

Madison Lawrence, Lindsay Lindaman

Madison Gerhart, Katie Schultz

Donna’s Chorus

Allegra Saint-Amand, Summer VanVeen

Tamara Huffman, Ruthie Pottratz-Anderson

Melissa Sutton, Leigh Spencer, Ann Henkhaus

Men’s Chorus

Clay Ackerman, Tyler Raehsler

Jackson Heiberger, Andrew Steinhouse

Christian Heiberger, Landon Javers

Barry Longden, Mike Richards

Max Meierhenry

Production Staff

Kim Bartling, Director

Amy Morrison, Musical Director

Rebekah Merriman, Choreographer

Mikayla Miller, Stage Manager

Madison Hansen, Ass’t Stage Manager

Jacob Habermann, Scene Designer

Kendra Dexter, Costumer


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