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Only about 60 percent of our costs are covered by ticket sales. The other 40 percent comes from individual donations and sponsorships.

Help us build a stronger home for local, live theatre by pledging your support for the Sioux Empire Community Theatre. Are you a business owner? One of our shows is a great time to advertise! The rates are reasonable and you will reach thousands of potential consumers.

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Ad Pricing Breakdown

To learn more about donating to SECT or being a corporate sponsor, please email as at

Ad Submission Details

Please submit all materials, completed ads, logos and questions to by Monday, Aug. 18, 2014

Acceptable formats for submitted ads PDF, TIFF, EPS

Please flatten all layered files and outline/render/embed all fonts and links. Resolution must be at least 350 dpi.

COLOR MODE for submitted ads

CMYK for all full color ads.
Grayscale for all black ads.

Ads designed by SECT

If you are providing photos and graphics for use in the creation of your ad, your files must be submitted in one of the following formats: Digital photos (EPS or TIFF) in original form or professionally printed photos scanned at 350 dpi. TIFF, EPS, PDF format accepted. Computer printed material, images from word documents or website images are NOT accepted.

Patron Donation Levels

All sponsorship levels include the following:

  • Acknowledgment through listing on patron sponsor page of playbill.
  • Acknowledgment through listing on patron page of website.
Playwright $10,000 +

Receives twenty Main Stage passes

Headliner $5,000 – $9,999

Receives ten Main Stage passes

Lead Role $1,000 – $4,999

Receives five Main Stage passes

Supporting Cast $500 – $999

Receives two Main Stage passes

Understudy $100 – $499

Receives one Main Stage passes



David & DeKnudson
Mark Billion

Lead Role

Loren & Jean Tschetter
Craig & Julie Sauer
Leni Healy
Dick & Cindy Koch
Patrick, Kathryn &
Vincent Pope

Supporting Cast

Jayden Portice & James Enguist
Jackie Krouse
Greg Noble
Earl & Kimberly Jacobson
Tom & Ann Garry


Christine Rich
Josh & Rose Anna Hofland Lydia Krowese
Debra Wallenberg
Dr. & Mrs. Salmon
Phil & Diana Kappen
Ron & Cheryl Nelson
John & Jody Brown
John McIntyre
Gene & Susan McGowan
Terry & Susan Pendergast
Frank & Elizabeth Pope
Margie & Tom Smotherman
Scott & Lauria Mckercher
Dana & Ladawn Dykhouse
Dave Leyse & Patricia Kemper
Jesse Jensen
Rod & Ruth Parry
Nate Keyman
Mike & Beth Macdonald
DJ Steckelberg

Friends of the Theatre

Thomas & Marilyn Gannon
Sharon Kluber
Nancy Hallenbeck
Rex & Margi Rolfing
Karen Shea
Marcella Heath
Heather Thoreson
Janice Farrar
Jannette Beemer
Larry Kemerling
Sarah & Brian Jennings
Bruce & Dianne Mair
Dr.Maher & Valerie Sayed
Robert & Clarice Black
Bill & Cindy Nelson
John Nelson
Bob Nelson
Bill & Cindy Nelson
Laura Davis-Kappen
Randall Gingiss
Bill and Joyce Kubat
James L & Ardis Johnson
Jennifer Condron
Dr. Thoru & Patti Pope Yamada