Official Scrooge Cast Announced!

James Van Oort: Scrooge
Bob Nelson: Jacob Marley/Jollygoode
Raine Jerke: Bob Cratchit
Broden Schulz: Tiny Tim
Robert Baker: Nephew (Harry)
Amity Shay Neff: Mrs. Cratchit
Kalli Barnhart: Kathy Cratchit/Ensemble
Kelsey Joramo: Belinda Cratchit/Lizzi/Ensemble
Bria Shay Neff: Martha Cratchit/Schoolchild/Urchin/Ensemble
Evan Langman: Peter Cratchit/Charles/Topper
Ruth Pottratz-Anderson: Isabel/Helen
Michael Richards: Tom Jenkins
Cameron Rhode: Young Ebenezer Scrooge
North Neff: Boy Ebenezer Scrooge/Urchin/Ensemble
Abby Shay Neff: Jen/Judy/Lucy
Erin Mulvany: Ghost of Christmas Past/Ensemble
Steven Acheson: Ghost of Christmas Present/Harty/Ensemble
Jay Wickre: Fezziweg/Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
Alicia VanDerBill: Mrs. Fezziweg/Mrs. Dilber/Ensemble
India Johnson: Mary/Miss Dilber/Ensemble

Natalie Acheson: Vendor/Ensemble

Aaron Condron: Dick Wilkins/Vendor/Ensemble
Lori Bly: Vendor/Ensemble
Riley S. Neff: Vendor/Schoolchild/Urchin/Ensemble
Caleb Joramo: Schoolchild/Urchin/Ensemble
Celeste Bryant: Schoolchild/Urchin/Ensemble
Atrionna Brooks: Schoolchild/Urchin/Ensemble

Ezri Acheson: Schoolchild/Urchin/Ensemble

Zaryk Acheson: Schoolchild/Urchin/Ensemble

Jason Jerke: Schoolchild/Urchin/Ensemble

Jasmine Jerke: Schoolchild/Urchin/Ensemble

Bobby Parker: Schoolchild/Urchin/Ensemble

Goodwin Sonstegard: Schoolchild/Urchin/Ensemble

Anyone who has “Ensemble” listed behind his or her name may be called upon to fill multiple roles.

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