Jesus Christ Superstar Cast Announced!

We would like to share the cast for Jesus Christ Superstar with you.

Jesus Raine Jerke
Judas Ryan Harr
Mary Jenn Lee
Pilate Rick Weiland
Caiaphas James C. Van Oort
Annas Devin Basart
Peter Darren Lee
Simon Paul Ridgway
Herod Robin Byrne

Soul Girls
Abigail Chapdelaine
Lenora Hintze

Apostles/Priests/Lepers/Angels/Mob (solo lines will be assigned at rehearsal)

Tyler Johnson
Dennis H. Berger
Landon Javers
Brandon Tople

Abigail Chapdelaine
Lenora Hintze
Megan Davis
Cecily Fogarty

Thank you to all who tried out.

Tickets now available.

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