SECT Board Update

  • Posted on: July 13, 2015
  • Category: News

Thank you to everyone who attended the SECT ANNUAL Picnic last evening (July 12, 2015)! Thank you Chris Weigandt and Phil Kappen for your service. Congratulations to Dick Koch for completion of six years of guidance and hard work.

Dick was honored with inclusion into the lifetime membership! Congrats Dick! You make all of us very proud!

President: Jayden Portice
Vice President: Brenda Odle-Scott
Tresurer: Sara Andrews
Secretary: Cheryl Wyant
Dave Baumeister
Tina Beal
Kimberly Jacobson
Jackie Krouse
Lisa Barlow Kutter
Dave Leyse
Jenny Mattala-Hilleren
Frank Pope
Kristen Townsend
Michael Smith
Bob Uecker

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